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ULUTAŞ and Aybike Yachting

We are working in the name of ULUTAŞ and Aybike Yachting since from 1975, firstly in furniture, later, in yacht sector. Since from 1990 the theme of the work turn in to only interior yacht design and application, for the last ten year we are also working on the interior design and production of VIP jets and vehicles As a result of keeping high quality concept at the first place we keep going on continuity of our works in high standards, and this understanding makes designers and customers, choosing our company to work with. All of our team works with this high quality principle in every step of work by using high technology machinery. In this sector our company is standing at the top level between the other companies with the high technology machine course. Our company finished more than over 100 project and over 20 of them are mega yachts between 50~70 meters, even 88m Maltese Falcon was one of them. In our project applications we worked with best designers in this sector and produced their designs with highest quality in a detailed way. By getting those precious experiences in all these years and trying to keep highest quality, our company keep every step of production in it is own workshop. Starting with shop drawings in design office, carpentry, upholstery, paint, stainless steel works, mirror and glass works and stoneworks. Our aim is, serving to this sector by satisfying our customers with our highest quality and experiences.

Boutique production with serial technology

Ulutas factory is moutly made up of, furnishing automation system according to bulk production machines and manufacturing units which are designed unique. However the firm differs from others with the usage of unique manufacturing of machine amde means of production These facilities mootly established according to machine made serial production and being actuated in Europe. In order to see this difference, visitors are coming from abroad to Ulutaş from time to time. Fixtures that has a great processing capacity, are the basic components of accurate and impecable manufacturing The firm there are 225 workers with the managerial stuff there are 145 people in facility and 80 people in montage team. The facility is 9500 m² and in two of the floors there are production lines and in the other two floors. There are design work and adminisrative offices. There is division of labour in the facility and production is sing-shift of production. One of the most important reason of this, is the result of the difficultie when one wroker’s work being spelled by the other workers. Generally there will be no need to overtime when a firm works scheduled.